30ct Paw Inspired Dog Diaper Booster Pads


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Product Description

Dealing with incontinence can be a challenge. Sometimes your pet needs a little extra support to get them through the evening, car trip, or other situation. Paw Inspired ® Disposable Booster Pads are here to help. Add these Booster Pads to your existing dog diapers, male wraps, or diaper covers and add absorbency of over 1 cup. Try Paw Inspired ® Disposable Booster Pads today to stop leaks and keep your pet dry and your home protected.

Product Features
  • NO MORE LEAKS ! : These Dog Diaper Pads will add additional absorbency to your dog diapers and male wraps, preventing leaks and adding overnight security.
  • INCREASES DIAPER ABSORBENCY BY MORE THAN 1 CUP ( 8 oz. ~ 237ml.): Add to existing disposable or washable dog diapers and male wraps.
  • USE WITH ANY DOG DIAPER: These Booster pads are equipped with adhesive backing that easily can be inserted to disposable or washable dog diapers, male wraps, and other diaper covers and pants.
  • DRYSPEED TECHNOLOGY® : Paw Inspired ® Disposable Booster Pads are equipped with advanced DrySpeed Technology® that instantly converts urine into gel. This keeps your diapers dry so your pet stays nice and comfy.



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