34"X36" Paw Inspired Extra Large Washable Puppy Training Pads, Reusable Dog Pads


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Product Description

Paw Inspired® is committed in keeping pets around the world comfortable, dry, and happy. Keeping our loved ones dry and our homes clean can be a challenge. We are pleased to introduce our washable dog pads to help all those pets and pet owners in need. These pads have are extremely versatile, from traditional training pads to crate Liners, litter box mats, furniture & bed protection, food & water placemats, and beyond. These washable dog pads are very durable and can withstand hundreds of washes, in turn saving thousands of dollars. Start using our products today and we guarantee you and your pet will notice the Paw Inspired difference.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT & DURABLE: The super absorbent surface of these pet training pads locks in moisture, controls odors, and keeps your pet’s paws dry and comfortable. Made with premium, high-quality material, these mats provide leakproof protection and look great in your home.
  • SECURE, NON-SLIP BACKING: The waterproof bottom features silicone, anti-slip backing, so there’s no worrying about the pee pad sliding around or leaking. Whether you have an active puppy or an older, senior dog, your pet will stay comfy and safe.
  • SIZE 34x36 INCH: Perfect to use as pee pads for medium or small dogs or other animals but can also be used for large and all sized dogs and breeds whether for travel or to use indoors to protect against mess, such as food or water bowl placemats, sofa or chair cover, and more
  • MANY USES: On the go or in your home, these washable pee pads are very versatile and great for all life stages. Use for housetraining pads for puppies, in whelping boxes or playpens, as crate liners, kennel tray mats, incontinence pads, or simply for protecting your floor, carpet, rug, bed, couch, or other furniture from accidents like urine or liquid spills.
  • MACHINE-WASHABLE & SUSTAINABLE: For hassle-free cleanup, just throw these liners in the wash! The fabric of these easy-to-clean pee pads will last for hundreds of washes, saving thousands of dollars over disposables. Reusable potty pads are an economical and eco-conscious way to care for your pet. Protect your home, your pet, and the environment.

    Size: 34" x 36"

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