3ct Paw Inspired Washable 12”x12” Guinea Pig Liner Pads


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These Paw Inspired® Washable 12”x12” Liner Pads are super absorbent and fast drying. Adding these liner pads to your pet’s cage or habitat provides extra absorbency and can substantially help reduce cage cleanup. Place them in corners where your small animals like to pee and poop, under waterers, tunnels, or hideys, and these areas will be totally reinforced. Liquid is wicked away from the surface to assure your guinea pig or other small animal stays dry and comfortable, and the Sweep-EZ™ non-stick fleece makes this liner easy to spot clean and wash. Hay and other debris can easily be swept up or shaken out, and the waterproof bottom prevents leaking. When ready, just throw the pad in the wash to clean it. 


Made with a dust-free velvet fleece, these pads not only make cleanup easier for you, they also bring comfort and coziness to your pet’s home while maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Available in four fun colors, these pads can be layered with our other cage liners as well as in the Paw Inspired® Critter Box® to add color and make cleanup even more convenient.

  • Versatile 12”x12" size; comes in a pack of 3, perfect for layering or having extras on-hand between washes
  • Great for reinforcing corners, to use as your small animal’s pee pad, or underneath waterers, tunnels, or hideouts
  • Super absorbent liner pads with 100% waterproof backing
  • Non-stick velvet fleece with Sweep-EZ™ technology 
  • Machine-washable
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