2ct Paw Inspired® Washable Guinea Pig Cage Liners, C&C 2X1


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Paw Inspired® 29 x 16" washable cage liners are one of the best options to keep your guinea pigs and other small animals dry and comfortable. The entire construction of these liner pads are super absorbent. These cage liners are crafted with Sweep-EZ non-stick velvet fleece which makes it easy to spot clean and wash. You can also use them in the Critter Box, to add color and save on washing. Try them now and see the Paw Inspired Difference.

  • VERSITILE SIZE: These 29" x 16" (74 x 40 cm) liner pads can substantially help reduce cage clean up. Place them in corners where your small animals like to pee and poop, under waterers, hideouts and these areas will be totally reinforced. Use these liner pads and save time on cleanup and money on bedding.

  • WATERPROOF: These pads have a 100% waterproof backing which is great for using them as your small animals pee pad.
  • SWEEP-EZ: These pads are also crafted with Paw Inspired's Sweep-EZ non-stick velvet fleece, making sweeping hay and other messes a breeze. Easy to spot clean and easy to wash.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT & MOISTURE WICKING: These liners are super absorbent and fast drying. Liquid is wicked away from the surface to assure your guinea pig or other small animal stays dry and comfortable.
  • DUST FREE FLEECE: Paw Inspired washable cage liners are equipped with high quality durable velvet fleece. This fleece is specially designed for the comfort and health of your small animal. Unlike other cage liners and bedding these fleece cage liners are totally dust free, offering the healthiest possible environment for your small animals.
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